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Need of Shipment Tracking App ?

The shipment tracking app and exporting companies business are growing in a very fast phase and the following facts are affecting the business.

Planning their Purchase Order :- Once the purchase order is signed between the buyer and the company, it's very important to recheck the specification of each items in their purchase order, so that they can manage their purchase order effectively. In most of the scenarios, the exporting company will not notice the small changes mentioned by the buyer in the purchase order and it will result in a huge loss to the company.

Processing the Order :- While starting the processing the exporting companies need to plan and check the availability of the each items in their stock and sometimes they need to produces the items from the scratch and the Raw Material Availability and the Purchase of Raw materials, the quality of the raw materials will be major factor in the production of finished goods.

Manual and Human Errors :- Since preparing a shipment and completing the whole process may take at least 1 or 2 months to complete, the manual scheduling will increase the chance of making the human errors.

Revenues are at fall :- As international trade slows and freight rates for transporting goods across the world's seas and oceans decline, shipping revenues have been hit. For example, AP Moller Maersk, the largest company in terms of capacity, has been witnessing weak revenue growth since 2010. In 2015, the company's revenues fell by 15.3 percent to $40.3 billion, the lowest level since 2005. That slide continued into 2016 as well, with revenues declining 17.3 percent year over year in the first nine months of the year. The slowdown in revenues, coupled with elevated levels of debt for many companies, has also raised questions of sustainability for a few shipping companies.

Rising capacity :- The capacity increase always lagged behind the business cycle. Because of the cyclic nature of the shipping business, the capacity remains significantly higher. Moreover, despite a decline in commodity prices and freight rates in recent years, capacity expansion has continued, albeit at a slower pace. This is because capacity expansion is a medium- to a long-term process involving years of funding that companies often are not able to reverse. So even as freight rates have fallen since 2008, shipping capacity has kept growing, although the pace has slowed since 2011, when capacity increased 10.9%

Onerous Tax Regime :- The shipping industry is facing significant tax burden such as minimum alternate tax, dividend distribution tax, withholding tax liability on interest paid to foreign lenders & on charter hire charges paid to foreign ship owners, and so on which is ultimately squeezing the bottom line/profit margin further.

Quality Assurance :- Both customers and management have a need for an assurance of quality because they are not in a position to oversee operations themselves. QA activities establish the extent to which quality will be, is being or has been fulfilled. The means to provide the assurance need to be built into the process, such as documenting control plans, documenting specifications, defining responsibilities, providing resources, performing quality audits, maintaining records, reporting reviews. QA is more comprehensive than QC, which is part of it.

Using Shipiment Tracking App :- The company owners can use the shipment tracking app on their mobile phone and can know the status of each purchase order in their company and monitor the shipment plan through the mobile devices. Register Now for free shipment tracking app

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If you find that your firm spends too much time dealing with shipping-related issues or is continuously wasting precious time while striving to handle all the relevant parts of the process, then it is time to consider changing the system. We have developed the application for the exporting companies, so that they can track the shipment through their mobile devices.So we provide the best shipment tracking app.

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