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Free license of Mobile Tracking App for Exporting Companies

free mobile tracking app

We are Providing free app license (worth 1999$ each) for exporting companies to partner with us under the below terms

Need to Provide Sugesstions and Improvements :- The selected exporting companies need to use the Shipment Tracking App to Plan their Purchase Order and to Manage the Shipment. Also they must give us their feedback and sugessions regarding our mobile application for exporting companies.

Need to Provide 1 Contact Point :- The exporting company must provide one contact person details (WhatsUp/Skype) to provide the necessory tranning and support for using the free mobile tracking app. We will not provide tranning for more than one person in a company for using the free mobile application for exporting companies.

Selection Terms and Process :- The interested exporting companies need to register by filling the below details and our contact person will send you all the details regarding the free mobile tracking app license. We are selecting only 1 company from a country and it is solomly our descrition in the selection process.

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Easily track your purchase & shipment

If you find that your firm spends too much time dealing with shipping-related issues or is continuously wasting precious time while striving to handle all the relevant parts of the process, then it is time to consider changing the system. We have developed the application for the exporting companies, so that they can track the shipment through their mobile devices.So we provide the best mobile application for exporting companies.