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What is TrackIze?

TrackIze is a shipment tracking app for exporting companies, so that they can easily monitor
or track each and every process from their purchase order, production, packaging and shipment.
Also they can manage the time line of each shipment against every order.

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Are you tired of the last-minute rush of your shipment?

If you find that your firm spends too much time dealing with shipping-related issues or is continuously wasting precious time while striving to handle all the relevant parts of the process, then it is time to consider changing the system. We have developed the application for the exporting companies, so that they can track the shipment through their mobile devices using shipment tracking app.

TrackIze is the shipment tracking app for exporting companies and can easily monitor or track each and every process from their purchase order tracking, production, packaging and shipment. Also they can manage the time line of each shipment against every order. We provide a separate MIS tool for the management of the company so that they can set the alerts on completion of every process.

Main Features

Purchase Order Tracking

Once the Purchase Order is created, the company owners can monitor the live status of each items in the Purchase Order using the Shipment tracking app.

Monitor Daily Productivity

Company owners can analyze the completed works of each departments in their company.

Automatic Alerts

While using the TrackIze mobile application, the users will receive automatic notification upon completion of each mile stones.

Stage Wise Monitoring

The company owners can track each items of their purchase order on different stages like Purchase, Pre-Processing, Production, QC, Packaging, Ready for Shipment etc.

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Manage your Shipment with 4 Steps

Create a PO : Create your Purchase Order along with the details like Order Number, Order Date, Buyer Name, Shipmnet date, Country, Item Name, No of Catrons, Quantity, Unit Pric etc.

Set Stages for PO : Define the stages of your company like Purchase, Pre Processing, Production, Quality Control, Store, Final Inspection, Ready for Shipment etc

Update status PO : Company employees can update the stage wise status of each items in the Purchase Order. It will be automatically notified to the management.

Ready for Shipment : After completion of every stage for each items in the Purchase Order the employees can update the status and the Order is ready for the shipment.

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Track process in your Shipment tracking app

Continuous Tracking of each and every process is a very important factor in Shipments becuase of the container booking time and cost.

Management/Export team can monitor each and every process ie from Purchase to Shipment very easily. The stages can be defined dynamically as per the Company Standards.

Since the data representation is in the form of Charts, Graphs and Using graphical user interfaces, it is very easy to track the progress of each items in the PO.

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MIS Reports for Business Owners

The Business Owners can make use of various decision making graphical MIS Reports. Major reports are given below.

  • Live PO Tracking
  • Country wise Revenue
  • Top Moving Products
  • Live Employee Tracking
  • Monthly/Yearly PO Comparison

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More Features

The following are the additional features available in the TrackIze enterprise edition.

Employee Location Tracking

The business owners can track the current location of their employees using GPS and google map.

Employee Performance Audit

Each employee's weekly/monthly performance can be monitored.

Revenue Calculation

Company's Monthly/Yearly consolidated revenue is available in TrackIze.

Multi Branch Management

Companies having multiple branches can be managed easily.

Technologies used in TrackIze

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